Morris “Mo” Morgan

Morris “Mo” Morgan “Mo” has been running the equipment division since 1985. He will “bend over backwards” to earn your business and build you the highest quality Jetters that give you the Best Return on Your Investment! Mo realizes that you have a lot of choices when considering jetter equipment – from internet only operations…


Chester Axley

ChesterChester Axley

Chester is starting his 4th year here at HotJetUSA and has over 25 years of experience in the plumbing industry. This includes running a Mr. Rooter franchise and long term employment as a Manager of Ferguson Supply.




Denis Graybill

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Elle “Ellie” Eyre

Elle “Ellie” Eyre Ellie has been working in sales and marketing since 1995. Having been a part of several successful start-ups she loves to work with small business owners and help them to grow their business. Her understanding about the value of quality and quick service to a business motivates her friendly floor-to-door customer service…

Mike Kelly

mikeMike Kelly

Mike has been with us for 19 years, lending his expertise and knowledge of the business, most recently with the development of our best-seller Total-C.






Randy Bishop


Randy Bishop

Randy has been a contract delivery and equipment operational trainer for us for over 5 years. Randy can also safety certify your operators upon delivery. Randy has extensive experience in running from large VAC trucks to smaller drain and sewer line jetting equipment.